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2022-01-17 14:13:29

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Rococo flooring has received a number of product patents

1. Strategic innovation: The green industrial chain strategy of "three low and one high", namely low energy consumption, low consumption, low emission and high standard, reflects the guiding strategic significance of green and sustainable development; Through the international strategy and the cooperation with foreign enterprises and brands, quickly establish the core competitiveness of Rococo, to reach the domestic first-class and international advanced level in each field.

2. Brand innovation: Awarded brand honor certificate by industry authority for many consecutive years. Product reputation in the industry has been recognized.

3. Product innovation: we have a first-class r&d team in the industry, independently develop EPC products and make the first debut in the industry.

4. Design innovation: always adhere to the "Combination of Chinese and Western" innovation road, bring "integration" wind and personalized trend of design;

5. Channel innovation: internationalization strategy

Brand advantage


Excellent product performance

Waterproof and moistureproof, quiet and dry, aldehyde free environmental protection, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, safe and anti-skid, easy installation, warm and comfortable, the combination of product aesthetic design and innovative technology can restore the natural effect of all kinds of natural materials, PVC floor can be directly covered on the original material without removing the original ground decoration materials, the first choice for renovation of old houses.

Cost effectiveness advantage

Compared with natural stone and wood and tile, PVC flooring has more cost-effective advantages in terms of product value, transportation cost, installation cost, time cost and post-maintenance.

Stable supply, quality assurance

A large number of natural stone and wood mining leads to a shortage of natural resources, facing the challenge of stable supply. PVC products, as an innovative category, can guarantee sufficient product supply, performance stability and quality control without defects while the application effect can match that of natural materials through industrial production and manufacturing.

Total space solution

As a trendsetter flooring industry, the company has always been the pursuit of innovation and aesthetic perfection, rich product color, diverse product surface texture, high-quality product performance can meet the requirements of different use of space and design style, the company provides the overall solution by many commercial space, hotel, residential, recognized and loved public projects.

Integration of research and development, production and marketing

With independent product research and development, design, production and business development and customer service team, has been adhering to the concept of customer first, heart service. With high quality products, professional one-stop service ability to win the trust and support of partners at home and abroad.

The social responsibility

As a recyclable decorative material, the flooring of the company undertakes social responsibilities and contributes to the protection of nature and the maintenance of a beautiful human living life.

A number of international product certification


A number of national patents


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